Re-insurance by financial brokers and insurance brokers often without information about disadvantages

– When substitution of investments and insurance leads straight to liability –   By judgment of 24.07.2015, the OLG Cologne (Case No. 20 U 44/15) ruled that termination and sale of life insurance policies is typically associated with significant disadvantages. Since every insurance broker knows this, he has to point out the disadvantages. If the […]

Systematic change of status from insurance agent to broker

– How can legal assistance after a house search also have a mitigating effect? – An insurance tied agent may seek advice from a management consultancy, for example, analyse his stocks in order to improve his sales – provided that the regulations on data protection and professional secrecy are observed, § 203 StGB. Creative broker […]

Can there be a gap in the insurance cover despite the fact that there is no time limit for interruption after reinsurance?

An article from the series “Vermittlerrecht praktisch” of the DHBW Heidenheim: The OLG Celle (judgment of 10.05.2012, ref. 8 U 213/11) ruled: “If a policyholder who has changed his homeowners’ insurer cannot prove, within the meaning of Code of Civil Procedure section 286, to which time a tap water damage has occurred, so that it […]

Property damage liability: Risks in the event of reorganisation and termination of insurance cover

– Whereupon in particular financial plant mediators in accordance with § 34 f exp. 1 GewO and intermediaries of financial services according to § 34 c GewO, as well as insurance brokers have to pay attention to –   Currently, thousands and thousands of advisors and brokers are receiving notices from their asset protection liability […]

Insurance Broker Liability in the Light of the Reform of the German Insurance Contract Act (VVG)

Why medium-sized businesses and industry are increasingly suing insurance brokers?   The responsibility of insurance brokers is considerable. As representatives of the client’s interests, brokers have an abundance of contractual and legal obligations, which they often cannot or do not want to take care of due to time constraints, especially if they promise unnecessarily much […]

The tariff change according to § 204 VVG – (not) a typical broker task!

How insurance brokers deprive themselves of their remuneration through incorrectly designed sample contracts “It’s not the fall that kills you – it’s the sudden stop at the end.” (Douglas Adams) By judgment of 01.06.2012, the District Court of Schwäbisch Hall ordered an insurance broker to repay the remuneration for brokering a change of tariff. This […]