Coverage gaps in pecuniary loss liability insurance

One in two chamber professionals is inadequately insured against recourse arising from their professional activities.

In the area of the necessary pecuniary loss liability insurance (VSH), insufficient coverage can quickly lead to (private) insolvency in the event of a claim. The work reflects typical sources of error and atypical activities with the insurers’ usual standard coverages.

This highlights often overlooked gaps or exclusions in the insurance cover (in particular the so-called “knowing breach of duty”). In addition, related areas of private and professional insurance cover are presented, including their sometimes problematic demarcation from classic VSH. Finally, possible strategies for limiting liability (e.g. risk management, individual liability agreement) are outlined, which lead to a reduction in the risk of a claim or a lapse in insurance coverage.

by courtesy of (published in Experten Report, issue 3/2010, page 61)

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