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Law firm Munich - Lawyer Dr. Johannes Fiala
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 44 reviews
 by Stefan H.
Outstanding professional expertise

The Fiala law firm is characterized by its outstanding professional expertise, high level of responsiveness, rapid availability and extremely friendly manner. Mr. Fiala has already proven himself to be an extremely energetic and supportive expert in several legal matters. His professional approach and in-depth expertise have helped to clarify complex legal issues and find solutions. The Fiala law firm is characterized not only by its professional excellence, but also by its personal service and quick response to concerns. The responsiveness of the team and the prompt availability of Mr. Fiala have made it possible to process legal matters efficiently and promptly. This not only contributed to finding a solution quickly, but also to an overall positive experience. The friendly manner of Mr. Fiala and the entire team deserves special mention. The friendly yet professional atmosphere helps you to feel that you are in good hands and to gain confidence in the legal support. This human element combined with professional brilliance makes working with the Fiala law firm an all-round positive experience. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Mr. Fiala and his team. The dedicated support in various legal matters has not only led to a successful solution being found, but also to increased trust in legal advice. The Fiala law firm is undoubtedly an excellent choice for anyone looking not only for professional expertise, but also for personal and supportive service.

 by Manfred N.
My trusted lawyer

Dr. Fiala impressed me with his in-depth and wide-ranging expert knowledge. Not only is he a highly competent lawyer, he is also able to pass on his knowledge patiently and in words I can understand - so I was able to understand and comprehend the often complicated legal issues. Everything is just right here - from the first consultation to the final pleading - and that also applies to his dedicated and flexible office team.

 by Dagmar C.
Great commitment

Great commitment, immediate telephone contact after e-mail request to take over the case.

Clear and helpful explanations on how to proceed and direct case assessment.

Mandate granted for representation.

 by Susanne M.
Very informative initial consultation

The initial consultation with Dr. Fiala was not only pleasant on a personal level, but also very informative. I was shown very specific and differentiated options for action in response to my questions, some of which opened up a completely new perspective for me. I can definitely recommend Dr. Fiala's advice.

 by Florian W.
Super pleasant and competent

I had the pleasure of having a very pleasant and informative conversation with Dr. Fiala. In addition to his high level of expertise in a wide range of topics and the charming way in which he communicated them, all my questions were answered. I look forward to working with his firm.

 by Dr. Mena R.
Most valuable experience

I have a lot to do with lawyers from different fields of law. But my contact with Dr. Fiala is one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. He takes not only the sufficient time but more importantly the full interest and even passion. A very nice thing that I personally was thrilled that he is quick-witted and occupies a great experience that brings such small details into light. When I heard his tips, I only regretted that I did not contact him earlier. I have already told my friends about him. I can only recommend him and now I know who to contact if I have any problems.

 by Sylvia H.
This is exactly how you want "your" lawyer

I got to know and appreciate the Fiala law firm team last year in the course of a legal dispute with my health insurance company. No matter what questions you ask, whether they are simple or difficult or just pointless, you always get a clear and competent answer. As you're usually stressed out about legal disputes anyway and nobody wants that, it's good to know someone you can really trust, which is no longer a matter of course in this day and age. I was also very cautious at first because you often read strange things about lawyers in general and if you've never had a legal dispute in your life it's important, especially the first time, to find someone you can trust. However, the Fiala law firm turned out to be a direct hit relatively quickly. With Dr. Fiala and the rest of the team, you never get the feeling that you are being "processed" as quickly as possible and for as much money as possible, which is why I highly recommend them!

 by Stefan E.
Very competent and citizen-oriented lawyer

I have known Dr. Fiala since the 90s. Back then, Dr. Fiala and his team freed me from the grip of the financing bank in connection with a "junk property", not without wounds, but in such a way that I was slowly able to sleep peacefully again. Dr. Fiala made many phone calls with me, even outside of business hours, and provided excellent support on my difficult path to a good conclusion. I recently contacted the Fiala law firm again regarding a minor banking law issue and was immediately put through to Dr. Fiala by telephone. Dr. Fiala made me understand that legal action in this matter was "futile" and that I should not throw my money out the window. In addition to his professional competence, trustworthiness and pleasant manner, I particularly appreciate Dr. Fiala's excellent "closeness to the citizen" and the concept that initial telephone contact can be made directly with the specialist lawyer, so that there is clarity and certainty from the outset as to where you stand with your case in our constitutional state.

 by Dr. Michael A.

The initial phone consultation appointment was kept on time , just to my liking as a timed dentist. After the first exchange of conversation with Mr. Fiala, it becomes clear that here is a competent and omniscient lawyer and person. The feeling tells you that you are in good hands and understood here.

 by Paul F.
That's the way it's supposed to be !!

With the documents to the law firm, short meeting, info opposing insurance pays, info done! And all stress-free!

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