Cross-border insurance broking with Switzerland, Bermuda or the USA: Where intermediaries should be careful in cross-border transactions

In recent years, foreign insurers have increasingly sought to enter the German market – in a variety of ways: In September 2013, for example, BaFin counted a total of 216 branches and branch offices of foreign institutions in Germany. The GdV reported at the end of September 2013 that primary insurers whose head office is […]

Contractual benefits in the PKV not safe!

The PKV does not cease to invoke an alleged disadvantage of the statutory health insurance. There, the legislature could reduce benefits at any time by legislative decree. He had also made use of this time and again in order to keep an increase in contribution rates within limits. In private health insurance, on the other […]

Security of benefits in private health insurance

The benefits in private health insurance are fixed by contract, but they are not irrevocably fixed, the benefits can also be reduced. Anyone who claims otherwise as an intermediary is liable. An the face of ever new legally imposed benefit restrictions in statutory health insurance, one advantage of private health insurance is praised: The benefits […]

Restriction of GKV optional tariffs benefits no one

PKV offers no guarantee of better rates The PKV is raging against the possibility for the GKV to offer optional tariffs, which was introduced a few years ago by the law to strengthen competition. They are not demographic because of the lack of ageing provisions, the premiums increase with age to an unaffordable level, they […]

Liability trap for insurance brokers

Private health insurance intermediaries must prepare themselves for the fact that a market shakeout is imminent. This adjustment ranges from the ageing and discontinuation of certain tariffs to the withdrawal of individual private health insurance companies from the market. It was not without reason that the PKV association denounced the economically expropriating effect of the […]