Company pensioners lose claim to German employer

As of January 31, 2023, transposition into national law (draft bill of April 20, 2022) is to make it easier for domestic companies to merge with foreign (European) companies, including transfer of the registered office abroad. In return, company pensioners can then be deprived of the protection of the German #Pensionssicherungs #Vereins aG (PSVAG) in […]

More favourable occupational pensions without the Occupational Pensions Act (BetrAVG)

– How employers can free themselves from the constraining corset of the BetrAVG – Employers who want to set up company pensions look at the Company Pensions Act (Betriebsrentengesetz), or more precisely the Occupational Pensions Act (Betriebliches Altersversorgungsgesetz – BetrAVG). However, structuring a company pension in accordance with the BetrAVG usually suits neither the employer’s […]

No obligation to provide information on taxes and social security contributions on occupational pensions

The Federal Labour Court (BAG, ruling of 18.02.2020, Ref. 3 AZR 206/18) decided that an employer did not owe compensation for damages simply because he had not correctly informed about social insurance contribution obligations at an information event, and simply because he did not even address the topic of social insurance.   Then he did […]

Employers are still liable for their commitments to employees

When pension funds cut their own benefits For years, there have been more and more reports about the reduction of benefits in pension funds, life insurance companies and pension funds. Responsible actuaries, actuaries, are increasingly worried there. And rightly so, because employers could take recourse against these experts in matters of occupational pension calculation. After […]