bAV: How to optimize taxes and social security contributions

Company pension scheme: Tax burdens and social security contributions play an important role in the settlement of occupational pension entitlements. In the guest article, Dr. Fiala and Peter Schramm show optimisation possibilities. Severance pay for company pension schemes (bAV) as a tax-saving model The State Social Court of Baden-Württemberg (ruling of 24 March 2015, file […]

Insured event in legal expenses insurance (RSV): When does it make sense to file a coverage claim if benefits are denied?

Insurance companies offer the customer a good feeling until the customer is then faced with a mostly justified refusal of benefits in the event of a claim. The vast majority of intermediaries have hardly any market overview for a comparison of offers at home and abroad – especially not the customer. The broker lets a […]

Insurer: No statute of limitations after commitment

If the insurance company has acknowledged a claim but has not settled it over a long period of time, it cannot subsequently invoke an alleged limitation period for its claims. This was decided by the Oldenburg Higher Regional Court. In the following article, our experts, lawyer Johannes Fiala and expert Peter A. Schramm, explain what […]

Lawyer recommends to conclude basic pension (Rürup pension) explicitly with stupid insurance brokers

Rürup pension: As the first lawyer in Germany, the well-known Munich lawyer Dr. Johannes Fiala expressly recommends the search for a stupid insurance agent. The statement is supported by the actuary and co-author Peter A. Schramm. This applies in particular to Rürup contracts, which promise attachment security during the savings phase. Ensure security against seizure […]

Are basic pensions unseizable?

Are Rürup or basic pensions attachable? And how are lawyers and insurance intermediaries liable for protection in the event of insolvency? These are the questions posed by attorney Dr. Johannes Fiala and Dipl.-Math. Peter A. Schramm in the guest article.   Rürup annuities or basic annuities are in principle not contractually inheritable, as agreed with […]