Pension funds are not allowed to withhold health insurance contributions on private pension part

– This leads to further legal disputes about the “correct” determination of contributions –   The Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG, decisions of 27.06.2018, ref. 1 BvR 100/15, 1 BvR 249/15) decided that benefits from a pension fund (PK) – which are based on contributions made privately by the employee – are not subject to any […]

Reading coffee grounds at the BEG

This is about software errors in forecasting upcoming tax savings that can be used to fund precautionary measures. Currently, there is a fashion to throw small computational tools on the market that are as simple as possible and at the same time provide impressive results. Tools for tax savings through the improved deductibility of health […]

BEG calculator: Further nonsense

As in VM 12/09, the 14th part of the series deals with errors of so-called citizen relief calculators. Unfortunately, there are many errors in the calculators for the Citizens’ Relief Act (BEG). So even civil servants who claim not to pay health insurance contributions get tax savings! In the first example (right-hand mask), the unmarried […]