Sharia protects against creditors, also in inheritance law and family law claims

– Basic foreign values (ordre public) protect against access to assets – German courts also recognise Sharia law and, where applicable, apply it compulsorily if it does not contradict fundamental German legal concepts – especially the constitution. Conversely, German law is not applied abroad, even if it is fundamentally valid, if it contradicts the fundamental […]

prevent tax fraud

Investing money abroad could tempt people to break the law   MUNICH – Whoever moves his money abroad, for example into an Austrian private foundation or a Liechtenstein family foundation, can by no means be sure that the world income principle does not force him to declare it in Germany. Foreign investment opportunities could downright […]

Failure of the leadership

Scenarios of sudden entrepreneurial succession Succession arrangements at the top of companies are often well planned, especially in medium-sized businesses. However, accidents, illness or death can put a spanner in the works. In the following article, lawyer Dr. Johannes Fiala has therefore dealt with suitable written solutions, but above all with corresponding scenarios. The author […]

Sudden death or accident

For people who invest almost all their assets in a company and family businesses, wealth issues are about preserving substance and targeted asset growth. This also includes planning for retirement and generational transfer, including in the event of a sudden accident or death. However, there are considerable deficits in the SME sector, the far larger […]

Effective solutions for medium-sized entrepreneurs – especially in the event of liquidity bottlenecks and in the law of succession

Almost completely unnoticed by the entire public, a fundamental reform of the inheritance and gift tax is imminent in 2007. This is like a time bomb for the entire middle class, because the details are only now becoming known step by step.   Experts and tax experts, for example from the Association of German Chambers […]