Pension taxation

A life for the treasury It’s finally here, the well-deserved pension, the much longed-for retirement, the end of all obligations, finally never having to pay taxes again. Well, not quite. The taxation of earned income is naturally followed by the taxation of pensions, or as Father State calls it, the taxation of retirement income. For […]

Will the pension fall to basic security level?

Anyone who is employed as an employee until the age of 67 with a continuous income can expect to receive a net pension amounting to 50 percent of the last net income in the not too distant future, if he or she becomes a pensioner. This allows the average wage earner to live a dignified […]

Pensionszusagen und Insolvenz

Pension commitment and insolvency

Insolvency application risk for pension commitments The so-called pension commitment or direct commitment is a common and extremely popular pension provision concept for managing directors, especially in medium-sized companies. Thousands of times thought of as a retirement provision for leading employees, this “tax savings model” was gladly recommended by tax consultants all over Germany and […]

Hopes of bankruptcy-proof provision via a basic pension/ürup pension vanish into thin air

– How creditors can seize complete assets – even without surrender value -.   In 2015, the basic pension, also known as the Rürup pension, will be even more tax-deductible – up to €22,172 instead of the previous €20,000; for married couples, this amount will double. An employee of the German Insurance Association, who is […]