So-called guaranteed benefits in the pension scheme are absolutely not guaranteed

– What life insurance companies and pension funds are hiding from premium payers –   Life insurance policies for occupational (bAV) and private (pAV) pensions, but also pension schemes, can provide far fewer benefits than promised or promised on paper. However, policyholders often have a claim for damages against the intermediaries and advisors or product […]


Equality “unisex tariffs From 21 December this year, men and women will also be equal when it comes to insurance. This is what the European Court of Justice has ruled. From this point onwards, all different premium calculations according to gender will become obsolete. With the new “unisex tariffs”, premiums and benefits will be the same […]

Company pension

Why they are at risk from low interest rates and who is liable for them A new ruling by the Federal Labour Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht – BAG) confirms that employers are liable if a company pension scheme (bAV) sponsor reduces its benefits in accordance with its statutes. As a result of the continuing low level of […]