Occupational pension provision – to be used with caution

The Federal Minister of Finance (BMF, letter dated 28.09.2017 – draft dated 04.10.2017) announced the future treatment of incorrectly structured occupational pension schemes (bAV): According to this, special payments by the employer in the event of calculation errors by the provider are liable to pay income tax for employees. Employers and employees are thus doubly […]

UK of the bAV can permanently reduce insolvency assets

Assets are protected from the insolvency administrator – in the event of death the situation is different: The Federal Court of Justice (BGH, ruling of 08.12.2016, ref. IX ZR 257/15) ruled that the general and insolvency-independent waiver of surrender of the (residual) assets of a provident fund (UK) for occupational pension provision (bAV) can be […]