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“bAV belongs in the hands of qualified advisors and is the core task of corporate and tax advisors,” says RA Fiala.
The problem is obvious: most brokers serve the wrong target group, can only broker against commission and mostly only think in terms of insurance categories. However, if you want to work as a professional in occupational pension schemes, you should see the employer as a target group whom you can advise for a fee without commission blinkers. The interests of the entrepreneur differ in part significantly from those of his employees. In particular, employer-financed pensions can have a considerable impact on the liquidity and tax development of the company, so that the advisor must have comprehensive knowledge of business management, but also of specialist issues. “Exactly this combination is today still thinly sown, although the bAV Unternehmensberatung represents a gigantic future market for those, which are today already advisory active in the target group of the tradesmen,” states TUTOR boss Peter L. Pedersen. The “Certified CPP-Consultant (iofc)” – “Company-Pension-Plan” equals “Betriebliche Altersversorgung” (company pension plan) – is the first bAV training course which therefore focuses on fee-based management consultancy.
CPP course with enlarged outline syllabus
In cooperation with the Institute of Financial Consulting IOFC at the Private Hanseatic University of Rostock, which is responsible for examination and title at the CPP-Consultant, TUTOR Unternehmensberatung, Neumünster, has once again upgraded the content. This gives participants the option of choosing between two upstream compulsory guarding subjects depending on their professional background:
Elective 1 for financial service providers: “Business fundamentals for occupational pension consulting
Elective 2 for corporate and tax advisors: “Financial basics for occupational pension consulting”.
“With the help of these new elective subjects we want to compensate the different knowledge requirements, which exist now once between financial, management and tax consultants, in order to be able to make possible an equal level of knowledge in the specialization subjects”, TUTOR boss Peter L. Pedersen states. In any case, the CPP-Consultant course does not get lost in the usual basic topics but concentrates on the essential, technical requirements. For this reason, participants are expected to have comprehensive specialist knowledge as well as practical experience in consulting. Anyone who has worked in a consulting business knows that classroom training is the biggest enemy of business. That is why the CPP-Consultant was perfectly developed as a part-time contact course: strong self-study components combined with virtual multimedia conferences and concentrated attendance days. In this way, the CPP-Consultant can be completed on a part-time basis in nine months and yet, at only 2,320 euros, is one of the most affordable bAV courses on the market, which also conclude with a recognised examination and a recognised title.
Click here for the course details: Premium course “Certified corporate consultant bAV”.
Article by Johannes Fiala, RA, Munich Occupational pension provision: Liability of intermediaries, insurers and tax advisors
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