New BGH judgements: Occupational disability pensions are often attachable and fall into the insolvency estate

Faulty design in Rürup and occupational disability pensions end with welfare application Two new decisions of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) of 03.12.2009 (ref. IX ZR 189/08) and of 15.07.2010 (ref. IX ZR 132/09) show that occupational disability pensions may also be attachable. The reason for this is mostly to be found in a […]

Wirecard is included in many prepaid cards – how dangerous is that?

Owners of a prepaid credit card should check their wallet: The cards of a Wirecard subsidiary are often not directly recognizable. If it went bankrupt, customers would have to worry about their credit balance. Wirtschaftswoche published on 24.06.2020 Link:

Corona pandemic: Continued dispute over plant closure insurance

The refusal of insurers to provide benefits due to corona-related plant closures continues to make big waves. Voluntary settlement offers for business closure insurance are being critically reviewed, and complaints from businesses are being investigated. The first litigation financiers appear on the scene.   The restaurants may (soon) open again. However, not a day goes […]