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Dr. Michael A.


The initial phone consultation appointment was kept on time , just to my liking as a timed dentist.
After the first exchange of conversation with Mr. Fiala, it becomes clear that here is a competent and omniscient lawyer and person.
The feeling tells you that you are in good hands and understood here.

Paul F.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be !!

With the documents in the office, short meeting, info opposing insurance pays, info done!
And all stress free !

Gunnar S.

Advantageous out-of-court settlement

I had contacted Mr. Fiala regarding a complicated dispute about the right to draw on a life insurance policy because I initially found helpful information on the subject on the firm’s website and Mr. Fiala gave me quite detailed information on my first call. At first I was a little disappointed because Mr. Fiala passed my case on to another lawyer in his firm, Mr. Gottschlich. However, Mr. Gottschlich provided me with competent assistance and, in particular, resolved the case more quickly and with a better result than I had thought possible by reaching an out-of-court settlement with the opposing party that was advantageous for me. So I am very satisfied and can recommend the firm.

M. Goetz

The customer’s favorite

I contacted the law firm of Dr. Fiala for an initial consultation regarding early termination fees and felt that I was in excellent hands at all times. The whole team of the law firm took a lot of time for my concerns and at no time I had the feeling to be fobbed off as fast as possible. My unreserved recommendation!

Uta L.

Very good professional competence

I had contact with Dr.Fiala in a very complicated longstanding inheritance case, where he acted as executor. He was always honest and trustworthy. If I had any questions, I could contact the firm at any time and always received detailed information and even a private recommendation. He always made an effort to find ways to help me. In the future, I would want to use Dr. Fiala as my lawyer for all other matters.

Finanzconsulting Ittner Manuela Ittner Inhaberin

Riester pension via LBS inadequate advice

We were attended to quickly and very pleasantly. Just the name of Mr. Mentioning Fiala got the leadership moving. What seemed impossible before representation has become a thing of the past. It didn’t even happen that Mr. Fiala actually had to pick up the pen. Admittedly an ideal case, but nevertheless without the possibility of being able to throw professional advice into the balance, we would never have approached LBS so confidently with our demands. Thanks for having my back. Straight one to the complicated topic Riester pension over housing promotion account the legislator completely forgot to place the savers legally on a good position. A specialist law firm like Mr. Fiala running them is a necessity.




Tatjana S.

Unreserved recommendation!

Super satisfied with the consultation of Dr. Fiala! This lawyer manages to explain complicated issues in an understandable way. And more importantly, he was 100% committed to me and we were successful!!!

Silke M.

First class advice

My experience with Dr. Fiala has been very good.
Dr. Fiala gave me top notch advice on a complicated tax problem.
Thank you very much.

Nikolaus H.

Competent law firm

Very competent and reliable staff. Excellent service, including home visits e.g. by tax specialists

RA Sebastian H.

Accurate and competent lawyer

A very accurate and competent solicitor who I went to see on a specialist matter, even though I am a solicitor myself.
Clear expression, accurate evaluation, unambiguous information. All around an accomplished and pleasant colleague.

Dr. K. F. D.

Return to the GKV for over 55-year-olds

Dr. Fiala personally took an outstanding interest in the matter during an initial – EVEN FREE – telephone consultation and provided me with information that was as qualified as it was comprehensive and helpful.
Based on a short online request on his website for an initial consultation, his return call was made within 1 hour.
After this initial consultation, I was well equipped to proceed. I think my problem was solved.
I can only recommend the firm highly.

Christina S.

Many years of consistently excellent intelligent advice

In matters of financial law I can recommend Mr. I highly recommend Dr. Johannes Fiala!
He gives one through his years of experience in the daily fight against big banks,
Insurance, etc., but also his extraordinary extensive knowledge in the field of investments, financing,
Reversal etc. the confidence needed to stand up effectively as a private individual against injustice,
within a reasonable financial framework.

Andre S.

Very reliable and extraordinary competence

I have known Dr. Fiala’s law firm since 2001. Since then, Dr. Fiala has been my first point of contact for legal questions, both privately and in business. Due to the excellent work, this will not change in the future. The distance Hamburg/Munich has never been a problem during consultations and representations. Beyond legal advice, I appreciate Dr. Fiala’s publications. One or the other from my area of expertise, I often use in my consultations.

Peter Z.

Great help

Due to a heart attack and subsequent stroke, I needed a caregiver for the long term to take care of all my day-to-day needs. Dr. Fiala provided my brother-in-law with expert support so that he could take over this task by means of a power of attorney for guardianship and health care, thus avoiding the need for official guardianship. Much obliged!

Heidi W.

Helpful, courteous and timely communication;

Yesterday afternoon I had contacted Mr. Fiala by mail regarding a consultation request concerning my life insurance. Already after a very short time a reply came! The subsequent mails were also answered without delay, in detail and with helpful information – as I said, it was only a request for advice.
I will definitely add Mr. Fiala to my contact information to recommend him as well! I am also already convinced that he really cares about his clients and is committed to them.
Thank you Mr. Fiala!!! How good that they exist!

Andreas M.

Ask the right questions and convince with the best answers

Very good at analyzing the facts of the case by asking specific questions that also address issues
that you wouldn’t have thought of at first.
Detailed advice and, in my case, elaboration of alternative solutions,
that have given me the opportunity, in the knowledge of opportunities and risks.
to make the right decisions.
Anytime again!

Torsten J.

very high professional competence

Dr. Fiala advised and supported me extremely competently. He has a very high level of expertise and really takes his time even at the initial consultation. My warmest recommendation!

Peter S.

Competent lawyer

An extremely well-versed and knowledgeable lawyer, who is also helpful and flexible in terms of time. I recommend with full conviction!

Reinhard W., Wirtschaftsjournalist

excellent expert

As a business journalist for BR/ARD, I have known Dr. Fiala for many years as an extremely competent
and knowledgeable lawyer.
He is deep into the issues and has always been and continues to be available to me as an expert because he has the gift,
explain even complex legal issues in a way that an interested layperson can easily understand.

Dr. Martin D., DBA

Unbeatable experience in money and insurance investments

Dr. Fiala convinces through his insatiable curiosity, which then also benefits his clients. He devotes himself to the tasks with meticulousness and does not shy away from expressing very clearly when a case is “hopeless”. This is not at all common in the industry….

I have had very good experiences with Dr. Fiala, especially in the case of investment advice/false advice, among other things because his enormous network is also used for success here.

Jürgen S.

Quality Lawyer

Dr. Fiala is one of the relatively few in his profession that clients can only wish for. Expertise and speed are his strengths.
Having dealt professionally with many lawyers and lawyer-actors, I know this reliably.
And another extraordinary thing: : He is all about the cause and justice. If you’re looking for something like that, you’re in good hands with him.


Legal expert

Anyone who asks Dr. Johannes Fiala a specialist question on the subject of insurance and intermediary law,
always gets an informed answer.

Dr. Uwe D.

distinguished lawyer

As a tax consultant and lawyer, I have worked with Dr. Fiala for many years on highly complex matters,
I have come to know and appreciate him as an excellent colleague, in some cases on an international level.
His advice looks outside the box. Consultations are always solution-oriented and appropriate.
Especially for topics in the field of insurance and investments a top address.

Werner O.


I have already been advised several times in the best way (above all understandably) and will at any time,
if necessary, to call on the services of the law firm!

Reinhard P.

brilliant lawyer

Dr. Fiala impresses with his brilliant expertise as a lawyer and tax auditor.
He understands the concerns of his clientele, implements them in a structured way and is always
available for his clients.
I can only recommend Dr. Fiala. RP

Paul F.

Excellent expertise

Dr. Fiala has an expertise to offer like no other.
A law firm with such a broad base and such well-founded knowledge in so many areas is unique.
In addition, the firm is fast, reliable and all staff are exceptionally friendly.
You can’t ask for better, absolutely top!

Paul F.


Very good and understandable advice on the risk or success of a claim.
Always timely info.

Reiner Sch.

Competent advice

Dr. Fiala answered my questions about “guardianship law, health care and guardianship power of attorney” competently and understandably. He has also been helpful in helping me deal with these things with the authorities. Thank you very much for this and also for the fact that you always have an open ear and good advice for the smaller and also larger legal problems. Your law firm is the best place to be!

Fräulein S.

Absolutely reputable law firm

[kkstarratings]Competent, uncomplicated, efficient. As a client, you can’t ask for more than that.

Rudolf N.


It is impossible to give a recommendation here.
Dr. Fiala has a couple of cases from our firm, like no-fault accident,
Customers who are reluctant to pay bills, etc. excellent to our complete satisfaction,
taken over, processed and won.
The best thing about the whole thing is that the law firm Fiala accompanies you through the legal madness in such a way that you understand it.
An extremely convinced and very satisfied master craftsman.

Piedro M.

International tax expert

My supposedly reputable tax firm had advised me to become a tax avoider.
I was charged a lavish fee by such consultants: “You save money with this – it must be worth it to you”.
For decades I thought I was safe – then my eyes were opened.
Without this law firm, I would be in the penitentiary today, for which I am extremely grateful.
The evasion law firm was recommended to me by my bank advisor – whom I then changed.

Alfred J.

Pool of lawyers – very broad

I hold Dr. J. Fiala in high regard for his top-notch professional credentials.

Robert D.

A highly competent lawyer with very deep and broad expert knowledge

Dr. Fiala is a highly competent lawyer with very deep and broad expert knowledge.
The professional explanations and suggestions in conversations with him are always pleasant and important to me. Absolute recommendation.

Helmut R.

A great lawyer

What can I say? A class lawyer, with tremendous expertise, who gives 180% for his clients!!! Therefore a clear recommendation

Hartmut J.

The best and most knowledgeable lawyer

Dr. Fiala is the best and most knowledgeable attorney and tax examiner I know.

Jacqueline F.

Top lawyer

I tried on the off chance Friday evening to get some expert advice from a lawyer. Mr. RA Fiala took off immediately and advised me in detail for two hours. Mr. Fiala did not have a mandate from me at that time. I really had the feeling that my case was being taken care of in order to be able to take the first correct steps.