Rürup is attachable!

Insurer associations, insurers and the insurance selling praise in advertising brochures for many years the Rürup pension as seizing-protected age precaution. Now this proves as bare marketing lie for the Kundenakquise – that is the opinion of Dr. Johannes Fiala and Dipl.- Math. Peter A. Schramm.   The Rürup pension (the so-called seizure-protected old-age provision […]

Rürup capital as a pension factor – new view “Only the welfare level is protected from creditors”.

A new letter of the Federal Minister of Finance clarifies that saved Rürup capital cannot be withdrawn from the access of creditors. This results in a fundamentally new discussion situation with the insurance providers. Red. The fact that not only saved assets in a Rürup pension can be seized, but also the non-state-subsidised part of […]