Design and alternatives to group insurance even without broker licensing

If providers of group insurance contracts, such as associations and companies, pursue their own monetary interest with their offer, they may require registration as insurance intermediaries. How group insurance policies can be designed and, if necessary, alternatives can be created, even if the intermediary license according to § 34 GeWo is missing.   Insurance company […]

All-risk insurance of residential buildings and contents – a marketing gimmick?

– Why everything is never insured against every conceivable risk –   When an insurer describes its product as “all-risk insurance”, this sometimes resembles the advertising promise of “guarantee certificates”: A close examination of the policy terms and conditions may reveal it to be “marketing cheese with massive holes” in the insurance coverage   Coverage […]

Advisory duties, liability, gaps in cover using the example of natural hazard insurance

– When insurance brokers and agents are liable for the uninsured like insurers -.   The German Insurance Association (GDV) puts the insured losses from the flood disaster in July at around €7bn. However, for damages that are not insured in whole or in part, the liability of the insurance intermediary, who often provides “support”, […]

Daily sickness allowance insurance (KT) as “sum insurance” does not replace loss of earnings

– Why private health insurance (PKV) differently, and often less, than the health insurance (GKV) –   The Federal Court of Justice ruled in its judgment of 11.03.2015 (Case No. IV ZR 54/14): “If an insured person pursues his professional activity at his previous workplace to a limited extent within the framework of a reintegration […]

Independent experts and legal advisors to safeguard the enforcement of the law

– What insurance customers should pay particular attention to in the event of a claim? –   The European Court of Human Rights ruled (judgment of 02.02.2016, ref. 7186/09) that a technically incorrect calculation method discriminatorily understates the disability pension. Due to an incorrect approach, the degree of disability had been reduced from 50% to […]

Corona pandemic: Continued dispute over plant closure insurance

The refusal of insurers to provide benefits due to corona-related plant closures continues to make big waves. Voluntary settlement offers for business closure insurance are being critically reviewed, and complaints from businesses are being investigated. The first litigation financiers appear on the scene.   The restaurants may (soon) open again. However, not a day goes […]