Unconstitutional taxation error

Tax evasion strategies put to the test Practical assistance in the evasion of income, especially from capital assets, has) apparently been part of the more or less tolerated business model of certain private banks, insurance companies, state banks or subsidiaries for decades. Abroad, such “institutions” are also called savings banks, institutions, trusts, cantonal banks, trustees […]

Black money in Liechtenstein

Since the beginning of the year and retroactively no more anonymity   In the case of ex-Deutsche Post AG executive Klaus Zumwinkel, the camera team was already in place before the raid began and when he left under police escort . ready. As a result, legally be able to clarify whether one may convict tax […]

Criminal investment schemes by financial houses for tax evaders

When customers complained to their “black money bank or insurance company”, especially because once again a CD-ROM with explosive data was offered for sale, the financial houses were happy to point out three alternatives.   First the voluntary disclosure, but that route would eat up all the assets, especially if significant investment losses and hefty […]

Destruction of existence through loan termination?

How bank customers can protect themselves   Economically, financing often only makes sense if the money is invested profitably, i.e. the borrowing costs are lower than the return on the investment. But even if this is the plan, credit customers are repeatedly lured into financing traps. Then loan termination and destruction of existence are just […]