Permits for guardianship of minors, care and administration of the estate

Permits for guardianship of minors, care and administration of the estate Introduction A legal guardian can be appointed for an adult: Legal guardianship leads to legal guardianship, § 1902. The guardianship court may appoint a voluntary guardian (lay guardian) or a professional guardian. The appointment of a suitable volunteer supervisor is a priority. The volunteer […]

Typical gaps in protection in the financial loss liability insurance of the guardian

CONTENTS   I. Liability in the event of delegation of tasks II. Particular gaps in cover for voluntary guardians III Further questions regarding adequate insurance cover arise for the professional guardian: Consequences of partnership, cooperation and office sharing No pecuniary loss insurance for lawyers and tax advisors in the case of commercial activity as guardian […]

precautionary tips

In order for the will of a seriously ill patient, who may be incapable of making decisions, to be implemented in the way he or she wishes, the person needs fellow human beings at his or her side. The Munich lawyer and provision specialist Dr. Johannes Fiala gives practical advice on living wills, health care […]

Renzension: Authorizations for care and guardianship

Johannes Fiala, Peter Stenger (eds.): Authorisations in the case of care and guardianship Johannes Fiala, Peter Stenger (eds.): Genehmigungen bei Betreuung und Vormundschaft. A guide with numerous case studies. Bundesanzeiger Verlagsgesellschaft (Cologne) 2005. 152 pages. ISBN 3-89817-279-1. 19.90 EUR. with CD-ROM. The editors and other authors Johannes Fiala is a lawyer, banker and business economist […]

contingency planning

Providing for emergencies is a subject that is not so easy to deal with. Creating capital reserves is probably the simplest option. But what happens when a person finds himself in a helpless situation in which he can no longer act or decide on his own? Advance directives are legal and medical arrangements that you […]

precautionary tips

No matter what kind of helpless situation it is, in order for the will to be carried out one day in the way you want it to be, man needs fellow human beings by his side. Later, the affected person is often unable to assert himself or can do so only with difficulty. Since medical […]

Prohibition of remuneration and activity in the case of a lawyer’s second profession, in particular professional guardianship

In the practice of the guardianship, insolvency, execution and probate courts, a professional lawyer is often selected and appointed by the court, especially in more difficult cases as guardian, insolvency administrator, sequestrator or guardian of the estate (second professional). The aim of the court is thus to appoint a person who is suitable and not […]