Wrong interest calculation with system: Interest fraud by banks

Interest fraud with system

How banks and credit institutions earn money with incorrect interest calculations We Germans are known beyond our national borders for our preference for cash and savings books. In a European comparison, we are the undisputed number one with a savings rate of approx. 17 %. Our confidence in saving seems to be unshakable and despite […]

Early repayment of fixed-interest loans is often not permitted when selling real estate

Why there is often no justified interest in premature termination of the contract   When selling real estate, the bank loans are usually repaid by the seller so that the property can be transferred unencumbered in the land register – with the existing encumbrances, the property would normally be unsaleable. The repayment of the loans […]

Interest reimbursement to investors – banks owe billions

Get your annual profits back from the bank: Because the more than 3% interest rate reduction by the ECB since 2000 must be passed on to you by the credit institution! The Investment: It all started quite simply for investor Heinrich Müller (name changed): His banker granted him credit and arranged an interesting project as […]