Faulty software attestations, certificates and attestations: Theses on the liability of the management or managers, as well as software houses, auditors and other alleged experts

A reply to Stritters Forum tips of 13.10.2007   Some business managers can be blinded by attestations, certificates and certifications when purchasing software: Not only the content with many ifs and buts, but especially the liability situation shows that these are regularly samples without value.   Manager liability Even from a medium-sized GmbH, the management […]

Risk Time value account

Financial product distributors are increasingly promoting working time accounts and the models of partial retirement. The financial intermediaries are mostly concerned with commissions: Few brokers are aware of the civil and criminal liability risks. A time value account is not an implementation method of the company pension scheme. Rather, it is a matter of a […]

Camouflage constructs in the enforcement practice of the tax office – or tax evasion deluxe* How tax authorities discover incomplete voluntary declarations and find hidden funds

1. the fairy tale of the wild-eyed lone perpetrator Bankers and representatives of foreign life insurers must be willing to travel and be creative. Even dubious arrangements should at least leave the customer with the feeling that “the tax authorities will certainly not find out”. Revelations followed through offshore leaks, interested journalists, bought up CD-ROM’s, […]

Liability traps with the time value account

Time value accounts and the models of partial retirement are paid by the Financial sales increasingly advertised. The financial intermediaries it’s mostly about commissions: The fewest intermediaries know about the civil and criminal law Liability risks for fiscal Consultants and the management the employer. In order to create an implementation channel for the company pension […]

BAV: Legal framework of fee-based consulting

Last Updated Saturday, August 18, 2007 Why fee-based consulting in BAV? In the company pension scheme, including e.g. the working time account (ZWK), the employer has numerous possibilities of liability. These include, for example, the “Zillmerungshaftung”, the “Ausfallhaftung” and the obligation to protect the gross salary saved together with the employer’s social security contribution against […]

Occupational pension schemes: Legal framework for fee-based advice*.

*by Johannes Fiala (Munich), Attorney at Law (www.fiala.de), and Peter A. Schramm (Diethardt), Actuarial Expert (www.pkv-gutachter.de). Why fee-based consulting in occupational pension schemes? In occupational pension schemes, including e.g. the working time account (ZWK), the employer is subject to numerous possibilities of liability. These include, for example, the “Zillmerungshaf-tung”, the “Ausfallhaftung” as well as the […]

bAV: Genuine insurance brokers must provide legal advice*.

*by Johannes Fiala, Lawyer (Munich), M.B.A. (Univ.Wales), M.M. (Univ.), Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (A.F.A.), EC Expert (C.I.F.E.), Banker (www.fiala.de) bAV-für-Profis: Occupational pension brokerage is becoming increasingly dangerous; it is only an alternative for professionals. Intermediaries who want to provide occupational pension advice in the future are on the right track. However, those who simply […]