Legal restriction to the surrender value in the event of revocation of life insurance policies is contrary to EU law

– Current ECJ ruling opens up reversal with perpetual cancellation right also for new life insurance policies since 2008 –   The bang of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) The European Court of Justice ruled (ruling of 19 December 2019, ref. C355/18, C-357/18, C-479/18) that a provision in insurance contract law according to which […]

Subscription right LV: How the contract value can be collected retroactively

How can the irrevocable subscription right be eliminated by revoking the life insurance? What options are available to heirs or insolvency administrators to collect the contract value retroactively.   If a life insurance contract falls within the estate, all rights of structuring apply first of all; such as termination, revocation of a subscription right, contesting […]

Private pension insurance: How does the sale work?

The policyholder is insolvent and urgently needs money. There would be the possibility to sell the right to his private pension. How the framework for this is set and when a transfer can fail, describe attorney Dr. Johannes Fiala and actuary Peter A. Schramm in their contribution “The ordinary right to a private pension could […]