Training liability in insurance, capital investment and bank sales

Why training and sales managers are personally liable in private health insurance sales. An analysis by attorney Dr. Johannes Fiala and mathematician Peter A. Schramm.   Landauf Landab insurance brokers, independent financial service providers and bank advisors complain that at sales events held by trainers, they actually only experience positive product features through colourful pictures, […]

Systematic change of status from insurance agent to broker

– How can legal assistance after a house search also have a mitigating effect? – An insurance tied agent may seek advice from a management consultancy, for example, analyse his stocks in order to improve his sales – provided that the regulations on data protection and professional secrecy are observed, § 203 StGB. Creative broker […]

The devil is in the details

Again and again, the topic of “stock security for pools” is questioned and initiated. “Ask three lawyers and you get three answers.” There are many points of view on the subject – in short, as with any contractual agreement, the devil is in the details and it all depends on the small print. The experten-netzwerk […]

Compliance: Is the pool use “risky”?

A report by the State Criminal Police Office of North Rhine-Westphalia on “Financial Investigations 2014” substantiates the suspicion of commission fraud by the number of submitted contract initiations in insurance sales. There were reports on two insurance brokers who had submitted their applications for endowment insurance policies (KLV) via three different pools. “The alleged beneficiaries/contractors […]

Broker pool or purchasing cooperative for brokers?

Why brokerage claims against the broker pool are unprotected in the event of insolvency   Some broker pools promise 100% security of existence in their self-advertising, and then underpin this with an effectiveness guarantee. But does that even apply? Such an advertisement gains weight if a so-called professor and advisory board liability (e.g. BGH, judgement […]