When insurers are obliged under the DSGVO

On 25.05.2018 the basic data protection regulation of the European Union (EU-DSGVO) came into force. Regulations apply directly and immediately – implementation by national legislators is not required. Meanwhile, further regulations and directives are in preparation, which are potentially intended to restrict freedom of expression – for example to counter fake news.   No information […]

Ineffective insurance contracts due to void brokerage authority

The importance of legally effective brokerage agreements is repeatedly pointed out. The team of authors, Dr. Johannes Fiala and Peter Schramm, explain in their contribution which difficulties arise for the parties involved due to missing, insufficient or too comprehensive brokerage powers.   The Federal Court of Justice (BGH, ruling of 29.05.2013, ref. IV ZR 165/12) […]

Federal Court of Justice (BGH) orders Pensions-Sicherungsverein to hand over list of members

  – How compulsory contributions and publicity of data are used for self-promotion -.   Obligation to disclose the list of members The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) ordered the Pensions-Sicherungs-Verein auf Gegenseitigkeit (PSVaG) to disclose the list of its approximately 92,500 members (judgment of 23 April 2013, Case No. II ZR 161/11). Sufficient for […]

Watch out for the credit trap!

Economically, financing often only makes sense if the money is invested profitably, i.e. the borrowing costs are lower than the return on the investment. But even if this is the plan, credit customers are repeatedly lured into financing traps. Then loan termination and destruction of existence are just around the corner. Case 1: Lack of […]