Lawsuits in financial cases – private expert opinions make sense because errors often go undetected

Optimal revocation for credit, capital investment and insurance   When legal representation without an expert opinion is giving away pure money No one would accuse financial institutions, i.e. banks and insurers, of unlawful or dishonest behaviour if affected customers do not receive what they are actually entitled to after a revocation of credit and investment […]

He who writes, stays – but not always!

You can’t hold an insurer liable for every piece of information. When assurances of the insurer are worthless explain attorney Johannes Fiala and PKV expert Peter A. Schramm in the proven series over consulting errors with the switching of private health insurances.   In order to be able to meet an important business partner, have […]

english life insurance: profit participation

Liability for crashed profit participations The weakness of the capital markets is having a dramatic effect on long-term life insurance policies and private pension insurance in particular. Compared with the sample calculations published in advertising just a few years ago, the maturity benefits that can realistically still be achieved today have fallen by a third […]

Broker liability: Do UK insurers also bill correctly ?

By Dipl.-Math. Peter Schramm, Actuary DAV, actuarial expert publicly appointed and sworn by the IHK Frankfurt am Main for actuarial mathematics in private health insurance and Johannes Fiala Lawyer, Master of Business Administration, Master of Mediation, Banker (IHK) Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (A.F.A.), Liability for crashed profit participation? The weakness of the capital […]