When real estate becomes junk real estate

How do banks and insurance companies finance usuriously overpriced real estate? Scrap real estate is a topic for up to more than two million affected investors. The Investors’ Council says: “Only invest in investments that you understand yourself”. This applies to the timing of investments and the ongoing monitoring of capital investments. More often, experts […]

Deception of investors

How investors are deceived when buying property

Deception of investors: The real estate as a supposedly safe investment The deception of investors in the real estate segment is unfortunately common practice. Real estate investors are often deceived by false or misleading information. For example, it is not uncommon for sample invoices to lack important information for calculating returns, such as any costs […]

Euro rescue leads to planned debts

“Under communism, banks are nationalized and then go bust, under capitalism, banks go bust and then are nationalized.”(Christine Lagarde) First German subprime crisis due to junk real estate and interest rate bets Since the end of the 1980s, not only the legal predecessor group of Hypo Real Estate Holding AG (HRE) has been piling up […]

The tax consultant as a financial advisor – (k)a competition for financial service providers?

Time and again, tax advisors and lawyers try their hand at “investment advice” – occasionally not only for a fee but also for commission if the investment is successful. Conversely, insurance companies (e.g. when setting up a company pension scheme) and banks (e.g. for financial advice and succession planning) are increasingly offering the customer a […]

Scrap real estate: Banks liable for structural sales victims

BGH ruling confirms liability of banks and building societies A new ruling of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH ruling of 29.06.2010, Ref. XI ZR 104/08) obliges banks and building societies to provide unsolicited information to the borrower if a fraudulent deception of the buyer about the amount of the brokerage commission is apparent. If […]

Decided cases

The Haustürwiderrufsgesetz offers the possibility to the person concerned still after years to separate from unprofitable investments.   This frees up liquidity that can then be invested more sensibly. The applicability of the doorstep-selling revocation statute requires that the situation be a doorstep situation. This is understood to mean, -an unsolicited visit to a private […]