Federal Supreme Court prohibits insurance consultants from charging contingency fees for changing tariffs in private health insurance

– How the insurance consultant with a second job may do exactly this and more nevertheless –   Insurance brokers as well as insurance consultants are allowed to offer policyholders (VN) in private health insurance (PKV) at the change of tariff according to the new tariff. § Section 204 of the German Insurance Contract Act […]

Bundesfinanzhof: How to obtain insurance cover

The Federal Court of Finance (BFH, ruling of 07.12.2016, file no. II R 1/15) decided that when the policyholder (VN) provides insurance cover for any insured person (VP), the full, non-aggregated sales price counts as the assessment basis for the insurance tax (VSt): The prerequisite for this is that the insurer (VR) participates in the […]

The additional remuneration agreement may be revoked

What compensation does the customer owe in the event of premature cancellation of his insurance premiums? The German Federal Supreme Court (BGH, ruling of 12 December 2013, file no. III ZR 124/13) decided that not only a broker but also an insurance agent can be promised a remuneration by his customer for brokering a life […]