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Important documents can protect you against all those cases that you hope will not affect you. As the first of these documents, attorney Johannes Fiala has prepared a form for a health care proxy for you. In addition, you can seek personal advice from him. With this service from Gesund mit Jürgen Fliege you can save a lot of money. A health care power of attorney protects you in the event that you are temporarily or permanently unable to manage your personal affairs yourself – for example, in the event of a sudden illness. I’m sure you’ve taken precautions here.

Among married couples, it is usually a case of “if I am temporarily unavailable, then you will have to take over”.

So far, so good. Among married couples, however, there is usually a division of labor according to abilities and talents:

One is often better at finances, and when the pro fails, the amateur isn’t always the best replacement. Prevent family quarrels! But what if there is no spouse “but several children”.

Since finances are involved, there can be discord here. And finally, there are relatives or friends who can intervene in an orderly manner in case of need. This must be agreed in advance, because with a health care proxy you are granting rights to a person – and this might not be at all acceptable to other relatives who are closer to you in human terms, but also in legal terms. So if you get things sorted out early, you’re doing everything right. All you have to do is overcome the inner obstacle of not wanting to think about possible emergencies.

Granting a power of attorney is a matter of trust! You do not necessarily have to make legally secured regulations ” as with the form on the supplement to this issue of Gesund mit Jürgen Fliege”, but all people affected by your decision should be informed. The rule of thumb is: – better in writing than verbally, – and legally secured is better than the personal communication.

Issue an order to your health care proxy. This is a contract that both parties, you and the person you trust, sign. This way you can regulate how the different things are to be handled in your sense. This relates to the question of whether you should be placed in a home, as long as it could be done otherwise. Or how to proceed in money matters. You do not have to worry if you have granted a health care power of attorney – and this applies to every power of attorney – and later change your mind.

You can revoke this step at any time. And the proxy must then return the power of attorney to you. You have a legal right to this.

If this does not happen, you still have the possibility to achieve the same effect ” namely the ineffectiveness of the power of attorney ” by means of a so called bid.

Beware of banks Please note that banks often use special forms for powers of attorney and do not recognise other powers of attorney. The best thing to do here is to ask your credit institution for information, but don’t let them press you! In the end, in the event of an emergency, everything must be arranged according to your wishes, and not according to the recommendations of a bank employee. After all, the focus here is on you, not the bank. It is important to note that if the power of attorney also extends to real estate, it must be certified by a notary public.

Deposit your health care proxy securely. A safe place to keep it is important, but it should be known to several people, as the health care proxy will be needed if you yourself are unable to act, perhaps due to an accident. Also make sure that several people know who their health care proxy is – and that this woman or man is also notified in the event of an emergency.


by Johannes Fiala, Lawyer (Munich), M.B.A. (Univ.Wales), M.M. (Univ.), Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (A.F.A.), EC Expert (C.I.F.E.), Banker (

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