Legal advice for your private pension provision

Private pension provision and its pitfalls Anyone who wants to take out insurance for old age cannot afford to ignore a private pension plan today. The standard of living with the statutory pension in the future is doubtful. A well thought-out concept for a private pension scheme is therefore equally important for self-employed and employees. […]

BGH ruling: Private pension provision pensions are fully attachable

Many self-employed persons and freelancers are not aware that, according to a ruling of the Federal Court of Justice, private insurance pensions, such as accident or occupational disability pensions, or pensions of former freelancers and self-employed persons do not enjoy any protection against seizure. As a rule, the legally permitted insurance assets that are exempt […]

Commentary: When private and occupational pensions cut provision

Survivors rub their eyes when the survivors’ pension of the German Pension Insurance (DRV) is reduced to zero after three months. Marriages entered into after 2002 or those where both spouses were born after 1962 are affected by this provision.   In these cases, 40 percent of the additional net income is offset, i.e. deducted […]

Optimisation of widow’s pensions for compulsory members of pension schemes

– Possibilities of structuring pension assets in pension chambers –   The Higher Administrative Court of Rhineland-Palatinate (OVG Rheinland-Pfalz, judgment of 26.05.2010, Case No. 6 A 10320/10.OVG) already dismissed the action of a doctor who wanted to have it established that his wife would later be entitled to a widow’s pension from the pension fund. […]

Chamber professionals expect the abandonment of the expectancy procedure in the pension funds

– Why the capital market with compound interest effect does not allow us to expect higher pensions –   For years, insiders have been reporting difficulties in the pension funds in generating the promised returns to finance pensions. While the management of a Versorgungskammer used to pat themselves on the back year after year because […]

Choice of law and advantages of European life, pensions and health insurance

– Opportunities and risks for policyholders and their insurance brokers –   Foreign insurance companies, especially those from the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Union (EU), are increasingly competing with domestic suppliers. For insurance intermediaries and insurance customers, this creates risks, but also opportunities.   Regular notification procedure EEA and EU insurers must […]

More favourable occupational pensions without the Occupational Pensions Act (BetrAVG)

– How employers can free themselves from the constraining corset of the BetrAVG – Employers who want to set up company pensions look at the Company Pensions Act (Betriebsrentengesetz), or more precisely the Occupational Pensions Act (Betriebliches Altersversorgungsgesetz – BetrAVG). However, structuring a company pension in accordance with the BetrAVG usually suits neither the employer’s […]

Alternatives to occupational pensions instead of insurance solutions

– When government subsidies and legal requirements later become a yield trap –   Increasing periods of employment in the low-wage sector or as a Hartz IV recipient reduce the prospects of the subsistence minimum in working life as well as later as a pensioner. While a fine may not affect the garnishment-free income, Hartz […]