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Asset protection in the Balkans

Idyllically, it lies in the sunset, the Danube oh so familiar to us. In the distance a city – Belgrade, metropolis of the Balkans and capital of Serbia. Word has long since spread about the advantages of these widths. From a former insider tip for brave travelers and party tourists, to an established place of longing for vacationers, emigrants and entrepreneurs. The famous victorious statue of this city represents an entire nation that has laboriously worked its way back into the world community. There is a spirit of optimism around every corner. Culture and history invite you to stay and it is not surprising that Serbia is becoming more and more popular with emigrants and entrepreneurs. Last but not least, the popularity and the upswing is reflected in a significant increase in investments from abroad. Serbia is attractive and there are several reasons for this.

New food point Serbia: Current geopolitical situation

In recent years, Serbia has become a factor of stability in the Balkans, both politically and economically. While the 1980s and 1990s were still characterized by political and economic instability, things have been going uphill since the beginning of the noughties, both economically and culturally.

Serbia is a candidate for EU membership and has become a true pearl of the Balkans. But Serbia is not only in close exchange with the nearby European countries. The Serbs have achieved a stable position in the world economy not least through close cooperation with the BRICS countries and the non-aligned states.

Serbia plays a special role in trade with Russia. Since 2021, there has been freedom from customs duties between the two countries and the EAEU, which makesSerbia particularly attractive for imports and exports.

Unrestricted travel, even within the EU, has been a matter of course for Serbs since 2009, when the visa requirement was abolished. Due to its geographical and geopolitical location, the country is becoming increasingly popular with emigrants from other European countries. The currently still comparatively low cost of living and the geographical proximity to Central Europe supportthis development.

An Oasis for Entrepreneurs: Serbia as a Business Location

The Serbs want to make a difference and they are ready to connect economically with Europe. If you want to build something, it is made palatable to start up or relocate your production site. Those who create jobs can look forward to high subsidies from the Serbian state as well as excellently trained specialists who do not have to hide in European comparison. Particularly popular areas for relocating companies or parts of companies to Serbia are production, customer service via call centers, and classic IT services. The Serbian state also offers attractive taxincentives to invest. However, you should calculate exactly in advance. A review of individual circumstances is strongly recommended.

It should also be mentioned that massive investments have been made in recent years to expand the local infrastructure and connect to international markets. External investments in the energy sector, infrastructure, agriculture and real estate are also welcome and enjoy high returns and security at the current time. Foreign money is welcome in Serbia and anyone looking to expand their portfolio and geopolitical diversification should definitely have Serbia on their radar.

Serbia: Invest and secure financially 

Culture, country and people, the proximity to the European metropolises or the own homeland – Serbia is from many reasons currently very popular with investors and emigrants, especially in Germany. The reason? The Serbs are currently making it easy for you at invest in them. Low bureaucracy, benevolent policies and the safety standards of the European Union. Whether it’s the real estate industry, private pension provision or Asset diversification, Serbia attracts with unimagined qualities and the prospect of rising yields

But even those who are not wealthy can get their money’s worth in Serbia. The country on the Danube has become particularly popular with retirees and people nearing retirement. The prospect of affordable housing or even ownership and the prospect of a long-term financially viable income into old age are not to be dismissed. Many former entrepreneurs have discovered Serbia for themselves. Not least because early acquisition of citizenship is quite conceivable if there is appropriate activity in the country. 

If you too are toying with the idea of emigration, asset relocation or investing in foreign assets, you should definitely consider Serbia. 

Support for company relocation to Serbia

  • Advice on legal issues of a move with reference to Germany
  • Communication with authorities, banks, notaries and courts
  • Legal and tax support of the move
  • Support in the choice of location
  • Advice on insurance law issues
  • Holistic support during relocation and new foundation
  • Advice on intra-European commercial transport
  • Drafting of contracts of any kind
  • Support with labour law issues

Emigration to Serbia: Assets in Germany

  • Tax law advice and tax representation in Germany
  • Advice on assets in Germany and the EU
  • Advice on asset allocation and tax optimization 
  • Accounting and asset management
  • Communication with local authorities 
  • Holistic organization of an asset management
  • Review of existing asset management
  • Advice on the subject of inheritance in Germany 

Services through our network on site

  • Organization and planning of business trips
  • Personal support on site incl. Interpreter
  • Support in dealing with authorities, residence permits, etc.
  • Planning discussions for investments
  • Verified contacts with tax advisors, law firms, notaries, etc..
  • Consulting and support for company start-up, relocation in close coordination with us
  • Translation and interpreting service

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