Anticipated succession

Juristische und steuerrechtliche Beratung für Erblasser zum Thema Erbfolge Wer zu seinen Lebzeiten ein privates Vermögen aufgebaut hat oder familiäres Vermögen erhalten und gemehrt hat, möchte dies auch in Zukunft im Verband der eigenen Familie beziehungsweise Erben wissen. Erklärtes Ziel ist es hierbei selbstverständlich, das eigene Vermögen zu erhalten, ohne durch den Fiskus oder eventuelle Erbschaftsstreitigkeiten […]

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Anticipated succession: Gift allowances can be used more than once

Gifts inter vivos are also taxed like inheritances – both are regulated in the same law, the Inheritance Tax Act: When assets are transferred, the inheritance tax allowances of 307,000 euros for the spouse, 205,000 euros for children and children of deceased children and 51,200 euros for other grandchildren – every 10 years – are […]

Generation consultants, succession planners and financial planners together with initiators in conflict with the Legal Services Act

For decades there has been the training as Financial-Planner (financial planner), Estate-Planner (succession planner) and for some years now as Generation Consultant with IHK certificate. Surely only the trainers will make money from this for the time being. At second glance, it is a guide to the violation of the Legal Services Act (RDG) and […]

Post-mortem allowance Succession planning and pension provision

An advisor to private wealth clients is familiar with “anticipated inheritance.” Every ten years, the usual allowances for spouses and children – via chain gifts also from grandparents to grandchildren can be used. What is less well known is that this inheritance tax ten-year rule can also be applied after death. This also multiplies the […]

Private health insurance (PKV) at an economy price – for up to less than 100 euros per month

– How to save thousands of dollars every year with good nerves and advice? –   The “last chance for privately insured people” is advertised en masse on the Internet, through ads that lead to the tariff change broker. For a few thousand euros the premium is lowered, by a tariff change. Two horse feet […]

Risk management of company insurances for Mittelstands-AG and Mittelstands-GmbH

– Why insurance contracts should be held by shareholders –   For family entrepreneurs, the risk of insolvency has an annual probability of around 1%. Then an insolvency administrator takes over the management of the business, whereby a conflict is pre-programmed if the interests of the former managing director are different from those of the […]

Legal advice for your private pension provision

Private pension provision and its pitfalls Anyone who wants to take out insurance for old age cannot afford to ignore a private pension plan today. The standard of living with the statutory pension in the future is doubtful. A well thought-out concept for a private pension scheme is therefore equally important for self-employed and employees. […]


Your lawyer in Munich Your lawyer in Munich Dr. Johannes Fiala Law firm in profile The law firm Dr. Fiala, based in Munich / Nymphenburg, advises and supports private and corporate clients. As a law firm we pursue a holistic approach that always safeguards your interests and is solution-oriented. Thanks to our extensive network, we […]

Voluntarily insured pensioners pay too high health insurance contributions

– How self-employed persons and pensioners are also transferred from pension schemes to compulsory insurance – Typically, (compulsory) members of the 89 professional pension schemes are either privately insured in old age (PKV) or voluntarily insured by the statutory health insurance system (GKV) at too high a price. However, this also frequently affects former self-employed […]