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Investment in North America

Why Canada is attractive for investors

The economic and political situation in Europe, as well as the issues of climate change and peace, are prompting more and more people to diversify their assets. Whereas in the past people had invested their assets classically in real estate and shares in Germany, there is a clear trend towards investing abroad. The geographical allocation of assets, even beyond the borders of Europe, is becoming increasingly popular with many investors. The aim is to secure one’s own assets in the long term and at the same time make them independent of the political situation in Europe. Aspects of tax law play just as important a role as looking ahead to retirement and staying in retirement. Many Germans and Europeans are longing for opportunities to invest their hard-earned money in a future-proof way withoutnegative interest rates and investment pressure.

Canada is interesting for investors from Europe for several reasons. From a political point of view, Canada is a stable and democratic country that has its cultural roots in European socialization by the English and French. The national languages English and French enable investors to communicate easily and directly with local banks and authorities . The customs as well as the legal framework are comparable to European standards and many banking transactions can be conveniently handled from abroad from the PC at home. The country’s own currency, the can-dollar, is considered stable in value and, unlike the U.S. dollar, is tied to physical commodities.

Particularly interesting for investors from Europe is the fact that, in addition to the fact that an account can be opened easily without residency in Canada, there is still a usual credit interest rate of%-3% on savings and assets in Canada. It is also possible for non-Canadians to purchase land and cultivate it as needed. Anyone who has come to know and love Canada with its untamed nature appreciates the opportunity for a retirement home with investment potential.

Advantages of investing in Canada

If you are looking for ways to invest your money profitably abroad, you have to deal with a number of essential questions.

On the one hand The fundamental question should be asked as to which countries are at all eligible for the outsourcing of their own assets in The second question is which types of asset redistribution and which types of investment are targeted. A multitude of different and very individual aspects play a major role in a final decision and thus topics such as infrastructure, political situation, language skills or the personal relationship to the respective country should certainly also play a role in the decision. A basic cost-benefit calculation, the Examination of legal circumstances as well as local practice in the topics of inheritance law and taxes is a prerequisite, as with any investment abroad . Below we have listed for you advantages that come with investing money in Canada.

Advantages at a glance

  • Comparable political system
  • Socio-culturally comparable with mainland Europe
  • Stable banking system with deposit insurance
  • Problem free account opening
  • Contact with banks also possible online
  • Double taxation agreement with the EU
  • Credit interest also for current accounts
  • Easy access to financial products
  • Low language barrier
  • Investment in land and property without problems
  • Commodity-linked currency
  • Very stable currency
  • Investments in physical precious metals of stable value without value added tax

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Support for assets in Germany

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