Vermögensanlage in Dubai. Die Vorzüge des Wüstenstaates. Geld wie Sand am Meer.

Dubai asset investment

Mecca of the rich and beautiful Dubai, with its capital Dubai City, is probably the best known emirate in the United Arab Emirates and certainly the most notorious. Time and again, the small princely state attracts attention with controversial topics such as the investment of assets in Dubai, the casual treatment of women’s and human […]

Geldanlage in Nordamerika

Investment in North America

Why Canada is attractive for investors The economic and political situation in Europe, as well as the issues of climate change and peace, are prompting more and more people to diversify their assets. Whereas in the past people had invested their assets classically in real estate and shares in Germany, there is a clear trend […]

Curtailment Life insurance

Reduction of life insurance: No information obligation for life insurers on reduction possibilities

Members of the German Bundestag asked: “What legal obligations do life insurance companies have to inform their customers about the possibility of reducing claims before the contract is concluded, and what is the practice of life insurance policies as established by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)?   The answer of the Federal Government of […]

Variants of immoral insurance contracts

Insurance products supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) may also be null and void on the grounds of immorality. This then also applies to the contract with consultants and agents. The investor therefore has no claim to be protected from receiving false advice: A release from liability without any financial loss liability (VSH). […]

…and perhaps reduced claims?

Life insurers do not have to inform about reduction possibilities, but they are liable for incorrect advice due to legal advice obligations.   Members of the German Bundestag posed the following question: “What are the legal obligations of life insurance companies to inform their customers about the possibility of reducing claims before the contract is […]

Immobilienpilot: “Leverage transactions

Chance of multiple profit – but also private bankruptcy risk ! (at the same time with reference to the new BGH ruling on consultant liability, V ZR 402/99)     The original case:   Dr. Peter Fleißig, a physician with a successful practice, 45 years old, one wife, two children, is informed by his financial […]

Liechtenstein-Connections from the perspective of the investigators

The authors deal with the issue of criminal tax fraud and money laundering using foundation trustees and life insurance companies in Liechtenstein. From the practice of investigative investigation, they define whether, among other things, instigation or aiding and abetting by bankers or intermediaries is to be assumed. Red.   Of course, in recent years the […]