Federal Supreme Court prohibits insurance consultants from charging contingency fees for changing tariffs in private health insurance

– How the insurance consultant with a second job may do exactly this and more nevertheless –   Insurance brokers as well as insurance consultants are allowed to offer policyholders (VN) in private health insurance (PKV) at the change of tariff according to the new tariff. § Section 204 of the German Insurance Contract Act […]

Claims assistance for insurance brokers & policyholders in the event of damage

The Federal Court of Justice (BGH, ruling of 14.01.2016, file no. I ZR 107/14) decided that insurance brokers may not settle insurance claims on behalf of insurers (VR). In addition, there are insurance brokers who offer damage assistance to broker colleagues and their insurance customers, or to their own and any policyholders (UN) – recently […]

Comment: The (correct) tariff change in the PKV

With every premium adjustment in private health insurance the additional benefits are calculated according to the increasing age reached, in line with the statutory calculation guidelines. This is in line with the model of private health insurers, whose premiums at an advanced age can already amount to more than EUR 1,000 per month. One comment. […]