High tax relief for the committed citizen

Foundations offer the entrepreneur far-reaching advantages The state explicitly acknowledges the commitment of donors with generous tax breaks and benefits related to the law of public benefit. Even if it is not always comprehensible to outsiders at first glance that the charitable trust foundation in particular offers attractive advantages for citizens and efficient solutions to […]

When employers are liable for reductions in pension funds

– How advisors, brokers and pension funds are taken into recourse in time –   A daily newspaper from southern Germany misleads its readers with the title “Erste Pensionskasse reduces company pensions”. For neither are company pensions reduced if the pension fund cuts its benefits. This is still the first pension fund where pensions and […]

Company pension via a foundation?

The forecasts for benefits of numerous private pension insurance policies have more than halved since they were taken out, which has only been the case since 1990, due to the sharp fall in interest rates in the meantime. This is no different in occupational pension schemes (bAV), which are largely organised via life insurance policies. […]

Planning replaces chance with error

Death, divorce and insolvency – What happens to life insurance? Some policyholders (VN) decide too late that they would like to change the subscription right of a life insurance policy(ies). If the policyholder instructs his broker to make the change, it is important that this is regularly done in writing in accordance with the insurance […]