Financial timetable from 50 – A review by Johannes Fiala

This is the title of a new book by finance and insurance expert Detlef Pohl. It is written for the 40+ and 50+ generations, and seeks an answer to the question What else can I do to live financially carefree in old age?

As an introduction, the presentation of the statutory pension, as well as the state subsidy options (e.g. Riester pension) and company pension schemes, serves as an introduction.

Pohl is an expert, unerringly addressing rights and also dangers. For example, the right to a company pension scheme: If the employer does not offer a pension fund, pension fund or direct insurance – the employee can claim the latter. The risk of loss from so-called zillmerisation in life insurance policies is also mentioned.


On the way through the book there is a checklist for identifying the supply gap and an indication of inflationary inflation. The investment recommendations focus on conservative and risk-conscious proposals. Financial investments, which are considered risky

Tax saving models or “money-without-return products” are not included. For this the author betrays that one should protect oneself as a consumer by an investment advice protocol.

Finally, in case of doubt, the investor has the burden of proof before the court if the advice was faulty.

Instead of instructing the reader by judgments, according to which shares, for example, are seldom suitable for old-age provision, Pohl gives strategically sensible advice: Praiseworthy is the advice to live as free of debt as possible – above all to get rid of your own real estate debts. This is followed by tips on asset management at the start of retirement – from the retirement of the property to payout plans for investment funds.

A control information and an address section round off this very successful work.



ARD-Ratgeber Geld, Verbraucherzentrale (eds.),

“Financial timetable from 50.”

249 pages, 19×12 cm,

ISBN 3-938174-02-1, 9.80 euros.



The guide is worth reading for anyone who is not (or does not want to be) in the position of Wim Dusisenberg, the former President of the ECB: When asked how he invests his money, he remarked “I personally am in the happy position of not having any reserves.“.



by Dr. Johannes Fiala



With friendly permission of (published on 12.12.2005)



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