Oldtimer eine beliebte Alternative Geldanlage

Alternative investments

How to protect your assets Where to put all that money? An admittedly somewhat gloating question that will certainly only concern a portion of our readership, but could be all the more valuable for them. Cash is dead, long live cash. Not only since the current inflation (2022) of more than 7%, we are noticing […]

When real estate becomes junk real estate

How do banks and insurance companies finance usuriously overpriced real estate? Scrap real estate is a topic for up to more than two million affected investors. The Investors’ Council says: “Only invest in investments that you understand yourself”. This applies to the timing of investments and the ongoing monitoring of capital investments. More often, experts […]

How safe are the money deposits…..

Under no circumstances can the security system withstand every conceivable financial crisis. At the very most, however, the supervisory authority is entitled to contractually guaranteed. further reduce benefits and accumulated surpluses to bring them back into line with diminished capital. In the most extreme case, this could lead to that life insurance savers lose more […]

Euro rescue leads to planned debts

“Under communism, banks are nationalized and then go bust, under capitalism, banks go bust and then are nationalized.”(Christine Lagarde) First German subprime crisis due to junk real estate and interest rate bets Since the end of the 1980s, not only the legal predecessor group of Hypo Real Estate Holding AG (HRE) has been piling up […]

prevent tax fraud

Investing money abroad could tempt people to break the law   MUNICH – Whoever moves his money abroad, for example into an Austrian private foundation or a Liechtenstein family foundation, can by no means be sure that the world income principle does not force him to declare it in Germany. Foreign investment opportunities could downright […]

Typical gaps in protection in the financial loss liability insurance of the guardian

CONTENTS   I. Liability in the event of delegation of tasks II. Particular gaps in cover for voluntary guardians III Further questions regarding adequate insurance cover arise for the professional guardian: Consequences of partnership, cooperation and office sharing No pecuniary loss insurance for lawyers and tax advisors in the case of commercial activity as guardian […]

Renaissance of the non-profit status – the trust foundation

Dr. Johannes Fiala and Frank M. Strobelt* Trust foundations have a tradition in Germany that goes back more than a thousand years. Many foundations established hundreds of years ago are still operating today. The state explicitly acknowledges the commitment of donors with generous tax breaks and benefits related to the law of public benefit. Positive […]