Suicide subsidy debate: Doctors warn against economization

IMABE Director Bonelli: “It’s bad if this thinking spills over to Germany” – criticism of “questionable” redefinition of euthanasia and of “erroneous” statements about nutrition at the end of life – Leipzig euthanasia judgement was instigated by euthanasia association “Dignitas”.   Link:

Aiding and abetting suicide with impunity?

Dr. Johannes Fiala and Dipl.-Math. Peter A. Schramm explain which consulting obligations the private health insurance and, if applicable, also brokers have with regard to euthanasia. There is a chance for contribution reductions in private health insurance through euthanasia: If the UN does not waste its assets on pointless treatments, even in the hope that […]

Euthanasia to ease the burden on private health insurance companies

Private health insurance and euthanasia – how does this fit together, many readers ask themselves after the current discussion. At first glance, the topics may seem unrelated, but a dispute has arisen over whether Emergency aid for reducing contributions in of private health insurance right or morally justifiable. published under Private Health Insurance Test 2017 […]

The Rürup fallacy

Why additional private provision is no guarantee of good care in old age   In Germany there are currently 2.5 million people in need of long-term care. About 70% are cared for at home. The benefits of the statutory long-term care insurance in Germany are mostly at the level of a partial cover insurance. Better […]

Make the right provisions

When life comes to an end, we are usually helpless and dependent on others. To ensure that your last will and testament will one day be implemented as you wish, you need fellow human beings at your side who know and respect your wishes. Living wills, health care powers of attorney, etc. are medical and […]

Die Notwendigkeit der Patientenverfügung

Discussion with lawyer Dr. Johannes Fiala There is a peculiar dilemma in Western countries at the moment: On the one hand, we do not let people die by taking life-prolonging measures through machines or feeding tubes. This prevents the soul from leaving the body. In doing so, we are not prolonging life, we are prolonging […]