Do you want to create or restructure a pension commitment? Independent consultants accompany you from the idea to the realisation – competently and seriously. On the one hand, we offer objective assistance in the legal and economic restructuring of pension commitments as well as in the preparation of new pension commitments. On the other hand, we offer objective assistance in the verification of the social security status and the retroactive exemption from the social security obligation. We will show you how you can have your social security status checked with professional help and without any cost risk, and how you can create legal certainty and increase your private pension provision.
For this purpose we use the services of several teams of experts in the market with whom we cooperate. We are constantly looking for expert partners in this field. Please introduce yourself via email and we will decide whether to accept you.
We recommend the following advisors:
Dr. Johannes Fiala, Lawyer (Munich), Mediator (Univ.), MBA Financial Services (Univ.Wales), MM (Univ.), Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (A.F.A.), Lecturer for Civil and Insurance Law (BA Heidenheim, Univ. of Cooperative Education), Banker (
Dipl.-Math. Peter A. Schramm, expert for actuarial mathematics (Diethardt), actuary DAV, publicly appointed and sworn by the IHK Frankfurt am Main for actuarial mathematics in private health insurance (
SELECTION OF TOPICS (PUBLICATIONS BY DR. JOHANNES FIALA) Old-age provision / bAV (183) Lawyers’ fees (8) Employment law / wage costs (31) Professional law (74) Support (19) Books (8) Loans / credit (26) Data protection (3) Inheritance law (30) EU law (17) Technical papers (0) Liability (182) Hand file (7) Doorstep selling law (5) Real estate (35) Capital investment / financial investment (113) Purchase- EDP law (10) Leasing (3) Life insurance (41) Broker / agent law (30) Patent (3) Pension (21) Review (4) Tax (35) Tax savings model (34) Judgment review (18) UWG / competition law (4) Asset management (55) Insurance law (111)
For example, on the subject of old-age provision / occupational pension schemes
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“Risk” Pension commitment An incorrect pension commitment endangers the future of your company and your personal financial security in retirement. Experience shows that 50% of existing pension commitments are incorrect and no longer comply with current case law. 40% of the necessary capital for the promised pension benefits is not available. 50% of pension commitments insufficiently protected against insolvency. Possible consequences selling your business is considerably more difficult. Loss of your retirement savings in the event of insolvency. High liquidity burden on your company due to lack of funding of the pension commitment. Your company’s credit rating drops. Your opportunity You will receive a comprehensive legal and economic analysis as well as a legally secure design of your pension commitment adapted to your ideas. In order to avoid the mentioned weak points and one-sided asset structures, we will show you alternative investment concepts for asset accumulation, which have been newly developed by renowned issuing houses for closed-end funds. So-called pension portfolios are designed specifically for pension purposes. Based on the principle of asset allocation, they are excellently suited both to the reinsurance of pension commitments and to capital investment for private individuals thanks to their broad asset diversification, risk reduction and increase in return opportunities. Basic example: Man, age 45, EUR 2,500 old-age pension, EUR 2,500 disability pension, 60% widow’s pension. Financing costs up to the start of the pension: Conventional life insurance EUR approx. 140,000 The security and return-oriented portfolio solution EUR approx. 40,000* Savings EUR. approx. 100,000 * Projected investment return of approx. 6% after taxes. Unique fund of funds concept The closed-end funds are selected from the investment worlds of two issuing houses. Initially, the fund invests in five asset classes with little correlation to each other, some of whose returns are tax-free or only slightly taxed. These are: Domestic and foreign real estate funds Ship funds Private equity and mezzanine capital funds Renewable energy funds and life insurance secondary market funds Over the years, the investment company acquires shares in additional funds to achieve diversification within asset classes. Medium-term portfolio structure Investments are made from incoming savings, reinvestment of equity and / or reinvestment of distributions, with the aim of building a portfolio of 15 – 25 funds. For further diversification, an additional securities portfolio can be set up from 2010 by shareholder resolution. Both one-off investments from EUR 7,500 and savings plans from EUR 180 per month over 5, 10 or 15 years are possible. A premium is not charged. The mixed portfolio has an expected return of 6% p.a. after tax. The advantages Broad asset diversification Low net expenditure High expected return Low tax burden ***************************************************** 24 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN INVESTMENT! ! ! *****************************************************

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