Deposit protection at banks and insurance companies – a bankruptcy protection?

securing devices are to be found there, where there are threats to security. State supervision is also a sign of mistrust, not trust, the authors argue, asking who would feel safer there, where it is transported with a mine-proof armoured vehicle or In einem …with a nato-wire fence and an office secured by heavily-armed men? […]

bAV: Insolvency protection through security deposit for the working time account

by Alfons-Maria Gracher, credit and surety broker (Trier), banker ( and Johannes Fiala, lawyer (Munich), banker ( Time value account and part-time work for older employees: The protection of credit balances from part-time work for older employees as well as time value accounts is a legal obligation of the employer, cf. § 8a ATG and […]

Risk diversification & asset protection

Diversification: How to safeguard assets in the long term For those who handle their assets responsibly, risk diversification is a must. Not only since the financial crisis of 2008, the real estate crisis or the last oil crisis, we are aware that our assets and savings in the savings account are not necessarily safe. World […]

How safe are the money deposits…..

Under no circumstances can the security system withstand every conceivable financial crisis. At the very most, however, the supervisory authority is entitled to contractually guaranteed. further reduce benefits and accumulated surpluses to bring them back into line with diminished capital. In the most extreme case, this could lead to that life insurance savers lose more […]

Life insurance in Liechtenstein: Asset protection with total default risks

“If you have faith, it’s all over.” (Stanislav Lec, Polish poet)   Asset protection is the separation of business and private risks or assets, including the integration of insurance protection. Risks to private assets stem primarily from the business sector (e.g. liability for break-through) or from financing, but also from separation/divorce or legal disputes.   […]

Deposit insurance for credit institutions and securities trading firms, Part 1

When maybe only 100,000 euros are secured and the rest becomes a restructuring profit for the bank….   The Financial Market Authority cannot prevent the insolvency of credit institutions, securities trading houses or insurance companies. For securities trading companies, the maximum compensation obligation is 90% of up to EUR 20,000. In the past, there was […]

Managing directors and senior executives give away the insolvency protection of their pension scheme

If managing directors and senior executives have been promised their company pension scheme(bAV) as a pension commitment or direct commitment, in the vast majority of cases the existing reinsurance assets are not sufficient to fully finance the retirement benefits. Insofar as reinsurance – e.g. as life insurance or investment funds – are available, employers think […]

Do not give away the insolvency protection of the pension scheme

If managing directors and executives have been promised their company pension scheme (bAV) as a pension commitment or direct commitment, in most cases the existing reinsurance assets are not sufficient to finance the retirement benefits. To the extent that reinsurance is available – for example, in the form of life insurance or investment funds – […]

Deposit insurance and guarantees at banks, government bonds and insurance companies worthless?

All guarantees, in whose security one lulls oneself, have no absolute value. After all, the decisive factors are the conditions and the legal framework for this, political legal certainty and the economic default risk of the guarantor.   Guarantee certificates Looking for “total return investments” where you end up getting 100% of your investment back […]

Dr. Fiala: Garnishment protection – the pitfalls in pension schemes, in Liechtenstein and Switzerland

  Tax consultants, doctors, dentists, architects, journalists and other freelancers have no other choice. You have to pay into professional pension funds or pension chambers for your pension. But how safe is the money you have saved up when creditors or insolvency administrators want to enforce their claims?   The financial news service asked […]