Federal Minister of Finance: saved Rürup capital can be seized

– only precaution on social assistance level may be protected from creditors –   The sales market of the securitization of the Rürup capital For many years, insurance associations, insurers and the insurance sales force have been praising the Rüruprente in advertising brochures as a seizure-protected old age provision. Now, according to a new letter […]

Criminal tax fraud or money laundering with the help of foundation trustees and life insurance companies

Johannes Fiala, Peter A. Schramm It is the responsibility of the capital investor to have “tax saving models” examined independently of “fee and commission interests” before making an investment decision. Because even re – nommierte credit institutes arrange dubious investment models until today. Seit Jahren schreiben Steuerfahndungsstellen Bundesbürger wegen „Ermittlungsverfahren nach § 208 Abs. 1 […]