Stress test by financial regulator leads life insurance company into insolvency

– What are the scenarios of settlement in insurance due to low interest rates ? –   Customers of life insurers are shaken: on 16.12.2014, the business press reported that a Swiss life insurer had now filed for insolvency, and had become a victim of low interest rates. The 13,000 policies were taken over by […]

Cologne Higher Regional Court: Premium adjustments in private health insurance often ineffective!

– OLG Cologne judges generally usual procedure of the PKV as inadmissible –   In its judgment of 20 July 2012 (Case No.: 20 U 149/11), the Cologne Higher Regional Court ruled that a procedure used for decades by private health insurers for premium adjustments was incorrect. As a result, many premium adjustments since 1995 […]

Natural hazard damage: When injured parties can seek compensation from insurance brokers and agencies

If flood victims do not have natural hazards insurance, they may be able to hold their insurance agent liable. Brokers as well as agents have to find coverage risks, advise accordingly and document this completely. A lack of documentation can put intermediaries in dire straits, because it reverses the burden of proof. This is what […]

Finance and risk control

More wealth in a planned and controlled manner The own assets in a planned and future-oriented management as well as value-enhancing and risk-optimized investment requires the highest degree of Knowledge and time. Not everyone who has achieved a certain level of wealth is also a financial or controlling expert , so it is advisable to […]

BGB-Leibrenten as the better alternative to private pension insurance

In some city archives historians find records of an annuity purchase – like these. What is behind it and what does it mean for us?   Since then In the 13th century, the purchase of annuities was the predominant credit business of the Middle Ages. The future pensioner bought the right to receive a life […]

Legal restriction to the surrender value in the event of revocation of life insurance policies is contrary to EU law

– Current ECJ ruling opens up reversal with perpetual cancellation right also for new life insurance policies since 2008 –   The bang of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) The European Court of Justice ruled (ruling of 19 December 2019, ref. C355/18, C-357/18, C-479/18) that a provision in insurance contract law according to which […]

Pension funds are not allowed to withhold health insurance contributions on private pension part

– This leads to further legal disputes about the “correct” determination of contributions –   The Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG, decisions of 27.06.2018, ref. 1 BvR 100/15, 1 BvR 249/15) decided that benefits from a pension fund (PK) – which are based on contributions made privately by the employee – are not subject to any […]

Pension funds and pension schemes reduce pension entitlements

– Why is it that no one is harmed? –   Reduction of pensions by pension funds and pension institutions Expectations regarding the level of benefits at pension institutions (PA) and pension funds (PK) have been steadily and foreseeably clouding over for many years. Section 314 of the Insurance Supervision Act (VAG) allows the Financial […]

No yield tuning by selling the pension and life insurance in the secondary market?

– What insurance customers should be aware of before or after they terminate –   Countless brokers and advisors live from new business. So there is nothing more obvious than to persuade customers to cancel or sell their existing investments, especially life insurance policies. However, general statements about pension (RV) and life insurance (LV) policies […]

How trust in the occupational pension scheme can be destroyed

Falsification and concealment of balance sheets are punishable under § 331 No. of the German Commercial Code (HGB). Famous examples of such manipulations would be the Olympus and Enron companies, or more recently P&R. The “Heubeck mortality tables RT 2018 G” (dated 20.07.2018) were allegedly erroneously prepared and later withdrawn – this was the responsibility […]