Federal Ministry of Finance: Insurance intermediaries secure zero return on life insurance policies

– Why the days of effortless money-making via life insurance are long gone –   Agents’ commissions fall The Life Insurance Reform Act (LVRG) not only lowers the guaranteed interest rate for life insurance policies from 1.75% to only 1.25% from 2015, but also the permitted inclusion of acquisition costs through zillmerisation from 4% to […]

Life insurance companies and foundations from Liechtenstein, Bermuda, Switzerland and Papua New Guinea

– When structures for asset protection and succession planning are ineffective – Banks and insurance companies, as well as financial advisors from Germany and abroad, are praising foreign camouflage constructions via prospectuses and appraisals. This should make it practically possible for assets of 100,000 euros or more to constitute a secure succession arrangement by circumventing […]

Retirement planning with annuity purchase instead of life insurance or sovereign wealth funds with cash cover

– How the state can ensure the efficiency of retirement planning for the middle class –   After 31 years of work, average earners will only receive a basic pension (social welfare level, with up to less than 758 euros per month) – low earners would have to work 63 years in social security for […]

finance and risk control

More wealth in a planned and controlled manner The own assets in a planned and future-oriented management as well as value-enhancing and risk-optimized investment requires the highest degree of Knowledge and Time. Not everyone who has made it to a certain fortune is also a finance or controlling expert and so it is advisable to […]

Tax savings through charity or religion – or tax evasion-Deluxe

– What alternatives are there to the tax havens Andorra, Liechtenstein, Vatican, Switzerland, San Marino, and Monaco –   To date, Germans have invested up to more than € 360 billion in tax havens, as Professor Gabriel Zucman recently determined. The widely praised way of buying tax CDs with allegedly mass self-disclosures is only the […]

How an ex-business wise man got it wrong about bond yields

In a daily newspaper of 8 October 2018, an ex-professor for financial and economic policy recommends increasing the “spread of funded occupational pensions” (2nd pillar) and “pressing for the offer of a low-cost standard private pension product” (3rd pillar). The main argument for this was a comparison of the “total collective” of those insured with […]

Camouflage constructs in the enforcement practice of the tax office – or tax evasion deluxe* How tax authorities discover incomplete voluntary declarations and find hidden funds

1. the fairy tale of the wild-eyed lone perpetrator Bankers and representatives of foreign life insurers must be willing to travel and be creative. Even dubious arrangements should at least leave the customer with the feeling that “the tax authorities will certainly not find out”. Revelations followed through offshore leaks, interested journalists, bought up CD-ROM’s, […]

Tax liability for gifts – or tax evasion deluxe

Pitfalls for donors, donees and authorities   What aspects and what legal situation are there to consider when making gifts? A gift to one’s own child, a parent’s foundation to support daycare facilities or such a facility itself can be an interesting option for tax optimization. In the case of gifts, no one is required […]

Unconstitutional taxation error

Tax evasion strategies put to the test Practical assistance in the evasion of income, especially from capital assets, has) apparently been part of the more or less tolerated business model of certain private banks, insurance companies, state banks or subsidiaries for decades. Abroad, such “institutions” are also called savings banks, institutions, trusts, cantonal banks, trustees […]

Pitfalls for donors, donees and authorities

In the case of gifts, no one is required to submit a tax return as long as no request has been made by the tax authorities. However, the donor and the acquirer are obliged to notify the tax office of the gift, § 30 of the German Inheritance Tax Act (Erbschaftsteuergesetz, ErbStG). Even if you […]